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Favourite Movie Genres

Got a favourite type of movie? Check out our list of the top movie genres.

Animated Films

If you love your animated movies then check out our list of the best animated films, including the latest movies such as Zootopia as well as old favourites like Toy Story.

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Super-Hero Films

Are you a fan of super-hero films? Here you can find our selection of the most popular movies with super-heroes, including everybody's favourite Marvel and DC movies.

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Dystopia Films

These end-of-the-world type films are becoming ever more popular, with the likes of The Hunger Games, The Maze Runner and The Divergent Series kick starting the craze.

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Sci-Fi Movies

Everyone loves a good science fiction movie, whether it be one with invading aliens like Independence Day or a dramatic thriller like Gravity, they're always certain to entertain.

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